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Feb 9, 2010

Nice Day to Paint...

Hmmm. The Little White Church in Sellwood: Day 2. Gotta be careful. This one is sliding dangerously towards, "The Artist Who Must Remain Unnamed" territory.

Number of times I was told by a passerby they knew someone who had been married the church: 5

One weird thing while I was working: about two hours in, I looked up from my painting and saw there was a Druid -- or, some other big long haired and bearded fellow in a white robe standing out on the edge of the lawn, repeatedly raising a large wooden staff high into the air and turning in all directions. Not what you expect to see come out of a little church like this.

Go figure.


- Posted from the field

2 reader comments:

Celeste Bergin said...

Great looking painting! Enjoyed the narrative too!

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Thanks. Working on it some more, to correct some architectural problem in the image, and pull it out from the "cutsie-wootsie" direction it was sliding towards. (Hard to avoid with this subject, and specifically why I chose it. Wanted the challenge.) Then I'll destroy some edges to make it less of a portrait of a church, and more of a painting again.

I'll post the final here next week when the sun comes back.

Nice seeing you and the other PPAP&SP'ers last night at the gallery!