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May 31, 2010

Ocean Gypsie . . .

Just a short post for tonight. Traveled up Monterey Bay and through the Santa Cruz Mountains to Los Gatos, where I met my gracious hostess for the Los Gatos Plein Air paint out. A nice lady who gave up her day to help me scout the city and then fed me yummy dinner. Much better than camping out on the ground for the last three days down in Monterey. First home cooked meal in four days too.

Stopped at Moss Landing, about halfway up the bay, to paint some commercial fishing boats docked up. I could spend a week here alone, painting these boats. Maybe two. They are so cool and show their workingman's authenticity in their wear and tear.

Here is the painting, a quick two-hour sketch off the back of the jeep. Wanted to stay longer but I got a late start on the morning light and needed to make it through the Santa Cruz gap before it got clogged with Memorial Day. Was told it would become a parking lot after 1:00 pm.

I like the painting a lot, although I wanted more time to work on these boats. At a slower pace. Plein air painting is always such a rush to complete a statement before the light shifts to much to continue. I love boats. Never paint enough of them. They are nothing but interesting lines and angles and top-lit planes, intersected by various rigging and lines and shadows. About as abstract I can get without getting all Pollock or Kline on you.

Oh, and hey, while I was at work an audience came along. 

They kept being bumped off the dock by my (new) Latino friends Manuel and Damien, who's sole job seemed to consist of scaring sea lions back into the water. A full time job from the look of it. Apparently these 'lardos' keep sinking the docks by piling up on them to sun themselves. Manuel's wife likes to paint. Of course she does. Damien just thought it was cool to meet a guy who likes boats enough to paint them.

Good night everyone. I'm beat. Tomorrow no painting. Just rest, some brush cleaning, and time hanging out in Los  Gatos.

Coffee anyone?

Well, maybe a little painting if I get bored . . .


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Celeste Bergin said...

brilliant painting!