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Oct 11, 2010

Monday in Laguna

Great day today. Turned one painting into the museum for the en plein sight show and painted three more before nightfall. Was so busy painting I forgot to get some photographs.

Here is one of John Burton blowing the rest of us away with a 16 x 20. He was done before lunch.

Here's one location after lunch I just couldn't settle on:

Victoria Cove. Awesome, but too much for me. It will be years before I can do this.

The weather turned 'oregonian' so I went back to a luxury resort to paint instead. Good idea. I was the only one there Met a major film producer, a pharmaceutical rep, an art historian from the Getty, and a nice couple from Utah. All inside two hours. Could have sold the painting three or four times...

More painting tomorrow.


- Posted from the field

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