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Oct 16, 2010

Saturday, Laguna

Forgot to take any pics Friday so not much to say about yesterday other than I took a 'bye' day and relaxed. Turned in my three paintings for tonight's soirée and then drove up to the Irvine Museum to see their exhibit of Californian Impressionists. Good stuff. Large works and thickly painted. Always nice to see the real thing and a reminder to lay the paint on. On the way back to Laguna I stopped to do a quick study of a rock pile up in a canyon in Nix. Made it out before the gates closed. I might feed it into the public show on Sunday if I run out of other work to put on the wall.

Today is the last painting event, a QuickDraw down in Heisler Park, in front of the Laguna Art Museum. Going to be a bit crazy with so many of us plein air painters in such a small space. We'll have two hours to complete a work, so it will be a leisurely race. (ha!)

Then a couple of hours to chillax before the cocktail party and soirée. Oh, and I just looked outside when I rolled out of bed: it's raining again.



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2 reader comments:

Nicole said...

i'm glad it sounds like you're having a great time!


Celeste Bergin said...

I hope you'll post your paintings!