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Oct 15, 2010

Thursday, Laguna

It was a good day. Spent the morning relaxing after a long week of hard work and only painted two paintings. Went to meet with Bryan Mark Taylor for lunch and trade paintings. The we went down to the main beach to paint before heading out to a framing party. So, basically, the painting part of this trip is over excepting for the Saturday QuickDraw.

Bryan is on the left. I'm on the right. Bryan did me the favor of telling me when to quit. I'm going to work on that, learning when to quit. I hate overworking a painting.

Today, Friday, we all drop off our paintings at the museum for tomorrow's soiree and then there is an artist house party in the evening. Sheeesh! These folks know how to treat their artists! I woke up to rain this morning so I think I'll run up to the Irvine Museum after dropping my paintings off and spend some time with the Californian masters.

Despite the rain, things feel good. But rain in SoCal in October? What up wid' dat?!!!


- Posted from the field

1 reader comments:

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

hi thomas, glad things have been going well for you here in laguna. believe me, we are asking the same question regarding the weather, what IS up wid' dat?! it was great to meet you last saturday. good luck with the rest of your adventure!