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Nov 30, 2010

A Fun 6x6 'Squared Show' in Costa Mesa...

I am participating in a fun show down in Costa Mesa, California during month of December. It's the Randy Higbee '6 x 6 Squared' Show, and there will a lot of tiny art hung in a massive space. All of it being exactly 6 x 6 inches in size. (Some other Portland friends are participating as well, specifically Scott Gellatly and Brenda Boylan, as well as other painters from all over the US I met during the past year.)

* * * Update for this post * * *

Whoops. Forgot to include the date and place of the show:

December 4th - 28th

102 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa CA 92626
United States


or visit RandyHigbeeGallery.com


6 x 6 inches is much smaller than I've ever worked before, and ironically, I found myself investing as much time and detail in these little gems as I would have anything larger. So whoever buys one of my wee 'lil' paintings is going to get a fantastic deal. I'm quite pleased with how each one turned out. I knocked out a total of eleven paintings; seven landscapes, and four intimate table-tops – and what I learned was this:

"Small can be fresh and beautiful. Small can be exciting. Small can be textured and loose. Small doesn't have to be tightly rendered, poked, picked and prodded at..."

Now, of course the way I learned all that was by poking and prodding at a number of earlier starts before figuring it out. (Ha!) So, as cat-licked as some of these little pictures may look on-screen – trust me, they are not. I love them. Now, if I can get scale such teensy-weensy, but florid brushwork up to a big 'ol' 30 x 40 canvas I'll really have something for the wall, eh?

Below are the five paintings accepted into Randy's show. I understand they may be pre-purchased before the exhibition opens on Dec. 4th., so if you want one to slip under the Menorah or Xmas tree for your baby to wake up to, call Randy at (714) 357-1318. The paintings have already shipped to SoCal so bug him and not me. (Hey. Wait a minute! I only shipped 5 out of the 11. This means, I have six more you can buy 'direct from the manufacturer'. So maybe call me, if you want to see any of those...)

The paintings which are in the show:

"Two Persimmons & Japanese Teapot"
6 x 6 | oil on panel

"Le Chevre" (The Goat)
6 x 6 | oil on panel

"Copper Pot & Pear"
6 x 6 | oil on panel

"Gold on the Horizon"
6 x 6 | oil on panel

"After the Rain"
6 x 6 | oil on panel

And tha...tha...tha...that's all, folks! . . .

Oh, okay, I'll show one more little gem that didn't ship to the show. One of six other still in the studio. It, or any of the others can be yours–straight from Crazy Thomas' Artistic Warehouse! But remember, these are not giant sofa-sized works of art. They are petite little paintings. More like a little cupcake. Moist, delicious little cupcakes... nom nom nom!

Persimmon and Blue Ginger Jar"
6 x 6 | oil on panel


Reminder of Upcoming Workshops:

I am presently planning my 2011 workshops and have at least four in mind. If any of the offerings are of interest to you then please let me know by email and I will put you on a notification list. Costs and dates have yet to be determined.

1. Essential Alla Prima Techniques | Jan or Feb, 2011 
(We have enough folks interested to schedule this workshop. Further details announced soon! Let me know right away if you want to participate.)
3 days; Portland, Oregon; lodging to be arranged by individual participants
 A studio-based how-to class that will focus upon working oils wet-into-wet, with the idea of completing a painting within a single session. We will work from the still-life and the figure, indoors, under controlled lighting.

2. Painting Snowscapes | Mid-Spring, 2011
2 nights/3 days; w/lodging arranged at the historic Timberline Lodge
 To be held up on Mt. Hood, Oregon. We'll reserve rooms at the lodge and step outside to paint.

3. Painting Big Rock | June or July, 2011
2 nights/3 Days; w/lodging to be announced
 Plein air painting focusing on the architectural canyons found in the Oregon Smith Rock area. This will be held in early summer.

4. Essential Plein Air Techniques | Mid-August, 2011
5 days; w/lodging to be arranged by individual participants
 A five-day workshop, in and around Portland, Oregon, focusing upon what every plein air painter should know.

If you've not taken a workshop from me then I encourage you to visit this page with reviews from last August:

And if any of you have suggestions for a class you'd like to take, let me know!

5 reader comments:

Larry Carter said...

I definitely have to stop by and check out the show and see your work, very nice!

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Thanks Larry. Let me know what you think of the show. I've already seen a lot of the work (online) and there is some very fine painting in it.

Are you the fellow who sent me the metal scraper a year ago after my posting about honing the palette knife?

If so, that curled edge works very nicely, just as it does on wood grain. if you wanted to improve upon it you could round the corners along the scraping edge so they are less likely to bite into the paint film. Maybe marketing such a scraper to painters is your ticket out of this hole. I'm always looking for one.


Cathleen Rehfeld said...

Love your work, as always Thomas!

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Awww, thanks, Cathleen! I always enjoy your daily paintings as well.


Larry Carter said...

Hi Thomas,

Yes I sent you the scraper. Good thought on rounding the edges. My hands do get tired "bending" the scraper to keep the edges from digging in. There are rounded ones used in woodworking, but I was never successful on creating a good edge around the curve, but a flat one with rounded corners would still be easy to "sharpen".

I bet other painters would like it, go for it! You never know,it might be as successful as the iPhone protector I saw on your blog:)