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Nov 14, 2010

An Artist's Life...

Here is a short and interesting clip from the British Pathe Historical Archive, originally filmed in 1932, and now making the rounds on many art blogs. The clip is of the Italian Illustrator, Fortunino Matania, who was once famous in Europe back in the day. He is shown working with his models and the extent of the posing, and costuming, is inspiring. It shows Matania joking around with his models as well. As the film announces in the placards, it is nice to live the artist's life . . .


(Click on the image to jump to Pathe video clip)

And here are some of his illustrations:


Clearly a man who knew his figures and horses.


1 reader comments:

kim said...

Ha, watching him draw the horse I found myself looking again for the real one! He really made me believe it.