May 31, 2011

Los Gatos redux

Here are a couple of photos of me out painting in LG today.

Mixed weather drove Brenda Boylan and I indoors to paint inside the Black Watch, a local Los Gatos dive-bar. Afterwards, everyone I mentioned it to asked us if the Hells Angels happened to be in as well. And while Brenda and I were packing up the bartender told us that a certain "Mr. Painter of Light™" often comes in for a drink. Or ten, from what she had to say about it...

I have to admit it would be interesting to actually meet him.

Later in the day, the clouds parted and Brenda and I found a fine tree in beautiful light at the end of the day. In Vasona Park. By the dam.

So despite the rain it was a three painting day. (Two in Vasona Park.) If I have time, I'll post a few of them tomorrow.


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1 reader comments:

Celeste Bergin said...

hahaha I've heard that about the uh painter of light. Well, your tree painting looks great from what I can see of it. Hope you and Brenda continue to have a great time!