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Jun 5, 2011

Just in from Los Gatos Plein Air...

And what an event it was. A great week of painting, fun with friends, and an intense outdoor show in turbulent weather.

Everyone expected a little rain so the event planners threw up a massive tent at the last minute. But no one expected the record setting deluge that hit us on Saturday. (Apparently it broke a 1934 record in San Francisco.)

Despite all the rain it was a fantastic turnout. The LG Rotary Club did an awesome job of promoting and publicizing their event and the turnout was amazing. If the weather had been sunny it would have been a mob.

Me? I painted 9, exhibited 6 (due to the limited wall space), and sold 5. And also picked up two commissions I'll have to put on the calendar in August. I'll be flying down to LG for one of them.

Brenda Boylan, a fellow plein air painter and traveling friend from PDX, and LGPA first-timer, did well too. For her it was a bit of a homecoming as she grew up in LG long ago. Her 'peeps' showed up to say hi...

Here are a few pixs. I'll try to upload the work tomorrow.

Riding out to hole 14 on the La Rinconada. I learned later that jeans were a no-no, but the general manager let us on the green anyway.

Brenda checking in paintings during the deluge.

Before the crowds. Ground is squishy.

Crowd forming despite the rain. (Californians out in the rain?)

Someone looking in the right direction (my paintings)

Post-event dinner with the LGPA survivors. An overview of the "Los Gatos Mafia" (a.k.a., the Morning Rotary) and a few of the plein air artists who were still standing after the end of the show. Eating, drinking, and celebrating a successful festival at Gardino's. (eh? whaddayougonnadoafterdashow?)

And finally,
Me, literally and figuratively running out of gas on the way home. This embarrassing 1 second clip is courtesy of Brenda Boylan, who wouldn't stop laughing. Haven't had this happen since I was 19.

And finally, after a twelve hour drive home I'm sitting at the Portland airport waiting to pick up my wife who has been at her college reunion. It's good to be home and see her again.

But in another couple of weeks, it's Telluride...


1 reader comments:

Brenda Boylan said...

I'm still laughing! That was a fun trip with all that came our way! You're a great traveling podner, Mr. T!