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Jul 14, 2011

Easton, Day 2

Again, little wifi available so here are some photos for the day's pre-paint out.

We painted at the Inn at Perry's something, which offered a variety of things to focus on. (this place some how being related ro Admiral Perry of the Revolutionary War, but more important, the set for the recent movie "The Wedding Crashers". Ha!) Since I was just warming up For the big show I decided to paint out on the point in front of the Inn and see what I could do with minimal subject matter.

Was told by some fellow painters that the results were good. Started at 5:00am and I quit at 7:00 pm for dinner. A three painting day.

My last painting began as a lark. There were two sailboats on the water with kids in them learning how to right a capsized boat. I was just messing around waiting for the casual soirée to start and not really paying attention to what I was doing. Just wasting time. But then I looked at the painting again and liked what was happening and decided to reinvest myself into the work after all. It turned out to be my favorite painting of the day. I will post cell phone shots of all three tomorrow since I can't use the internets with the laptop.

Oh, and here is just a pretty picture I took tonight. A boat sailing by the crab shack a few of us ate dinner at. Sheeesh!

Maybe a ship and moon painting is in order, eh?



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