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Jul 22, 2011

Easton, Gala Night...

Well folks, the news lede to tonight's post is that I was awarded "Best New Artist" at Easton this year. As picked by Steve Doherty, editor of Plein Air Magazine. Thank you Steve, your recognition was much appreciated.

Apologies for the bad photo but this is what I could get during the show.

Me, in front of "the Last Brother Standing" (will explain post-event).

I show up to drop off my paintings this morning and this is what I found on my wall. (ha!)

The Pacific Northwest Contingent: Eric Bowman, Mike Kowalski, and me.

Saturday, tomorrow, will be the public QuickDraw. Over 250 pros and local amateurs are competing against each other with a huge audience watching behind your back so it will be a mad house. We are looking at a heat index of 115F by noon. Like painting in an oven. Mad dogs and Englishmen, and all that, eh?

Waddayagonnado? Guess I'll go paint outside

Oh, and as a 2011 gala prize winner I'll be competing in the Sunday QuickDraw for the elite brunch crowd. Another chance to paint, eh?Eating champagne mimosas and cuke sandwiches and other tasty tidbits while I push the paint around. Must remember to hold my pinky out and lift.

Kidding. It's late. G'nite!


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3 reader comments:

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Congratulations, Thomas! Good for you and smart for Stephen Doherty to recognize you as Best New Artist! No need to wish you all the best, you've got it!

PPASP said...

Hey Thomas....congratulations! (I am not surprised. A well deserved recognition). It is cool to see you, Eric B and Mike Kowalski at Easton!! High Five!

NextDoorWriter said...

Great work, Thomas! Congratulations to a fine artist. Those awards and sales are well deserved. - Marilyn