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Jul 5, 2011

Telluride, In Overtime

I am staying a few days extra to try and nail down some commissions after the Plein air event. While waiting to speak to the collector, I spent the day up above T-Ride's hanging glacial canyon at about 12,300 feet. There once was a mining town here called Tomboy and it's hard to believe people once lived here full time. Four miles up Tomboy Road took over two hours, the road was so rocky. I am glad to have done it because there is so much to paint up here.

I am not actually all the way up to Tomboy but only halfway there. I guess I used the other camera for those photos. I'll add them when I get home.

Until then, here is your moment
of Zen...

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1 reader comments:

Deborah Paris said...

Great to see you in Telluride Thomas!