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Sep 13, 2011

Does Anyone Speak Dutch?

Ha! Curacao again...

I have no idea what this says. Can anyone help me out?

(click to enlarge)
UPDATE to this post:

Here is what I was painting in the Amigo article:

Boats at Caracas Baai, Curacao
11 x 14  | oil on linen on board

Translation provided by courtesy from Cynthia Roosberg, sister of Hellen Chirino – the woman behind Plein Air Curacao. Thank you Cyntha!

Headline: Landscape artists capturing Curacao on canvas.

Photo caption: One of the artists trying to capture the landscape of Caracasbaai, Thomas Jefferson Kitts.

Article text: 
This morning about 15 easels and artists appeared amidst the beachtowels and swimmers at the Caracasbaai. Plein air Curacao has taken off! Local and international artists will be working here untill sunset. This should provide entertainment for the public. The next few days the artists will try and capture the landscape at various locations.Wednesday they will be at the Santa Cruz, Thursday at the Hyat and Friday at Cura Hulanda.

The resulting art can be viewed and purchased at the Maritime Museum. On Saturday morning there will be a 4 hour long competition in Punda, Otrabanda and Scarloo. Participation is open to all and will cost 15 gld for children up to 18 yrs. Adults will pay 25 gld. Prizes will be presented in 4 categories at 13.30.

Categories are, local artists, foreign artists, ages 13 to 18 and aspiring young artist from 19 years on. On Friday and Saturday the students of Instituto Buena Vista and a number of patients of teh Capriles Clinic will work on a mural at the Rif Stadium. On saturday about 30 young children will be painting in Punda.


It was a great event, and filled with kind people and interesting adventures! I hope to return to paint again next year...


7 reader comments:

Anitra said...

It's translated on the Plein Air Curacao web site:

"The caption reads: One of the artists that captured CuraƧao this morning at Caracas Bay, Thomas Kitts"

Also, your video is posted on their website now.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Yes, but not such small print! Congrats on your successes this summer!!

Randy Saffle said...

It says something like..."Funny man entertains the local kids with balloon animals and magic tricks.
I'm rusty on my Dutch, but I'm sure it's pretty close. ;?)

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Ouch Randy, that's funny! And pretty close too.

Plein Air Gal said...

The print is way too small to really make out (even enlarged) but Dutch is one of the languages at Google translator and the headline translates as Landscape Painters Capture Curacao on Dock.
If you have the actual article, just type it in at Google translator. But beware - I've used it with other languages and often it doesn't go QUITE right and if you translate back you may find that you sound like a 3 year old or some things sound insulting! ;-D

Mike Kowalski said...

If I remember my Dutch ( web translation is never accurate ) it says: "Artist suspected in daring bank holdup".

Something like that,


Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...


Coincidentally, while I was in Telluride last July, there was a bank robber caught hiding a few houses down the street from my host's house. Not kidding.

Whew, that was a close one!... (grin)