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Nov 5, 2011

The 12th Annual American Impressionist Show...

Obviously, I am still trying to catch up after my hectic plein air season, but I wanted to share with you that presently have a figurative work in the American Impressionist Society show down in Carmel. 

A big deal, actually. The AIS show opened a few weeks ago and remains up until November 15th, so if you are in the area there is still time to go see the work. The exhibition is being held in the Mountain Song Gallery, in Carmel, CA, which is located on Ocean Avenue, between San Carlos and Delores. (Really, that's the way addresses read in Carmel. That town doesn't seem to use actual street numbers. How 'twee' of it . . .)

Many of you may not know I have an extensive background in painting the figure, beginning in my early days as a professional illustrator. 

I still make a habit of drawing and painting the human form from life on a regular basis, as it is the best artistic training there is for a painter, no matter what other subject matter may be preferred. And I have been working with the figure for over 30 years. I love doing so as it is so unforgiving. You can't fudge a figure. It is either correct or not. It either feels right, or not. To benefit the most from this kind of study you must paint from from life, not photos. I love that aspect as well.

This winter I will be offering a "Focus on the Figure" workshop in a friend's studio here in Portland Oregon. (see right sidebar). Something to consider if you are interested in 'upping your painting game' . . .

Here is my painting in the AIS show. Again, it was painted from life, in a rush within a three hour period, plus a few corrective touch-ups after the paint film had a chance to dry...

"Preparing to Go On"
18 x 24 inches  | oil on canvas

The young girl is Ashley, one of our professional dancers in the Oregon Ballet Theater. This painting is still available for purchase. For more information please contact me directly.


2 reader comments:

Larry Carter said...

I had the pleasure of seeing this painting this afternoon while wondering through the galleries in Carmel. It is a beautiful painting and I so enjoyed seeing it.

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Hi Larry. Thank you for your kind post. It is a small world out there, isn't it? Even smaller, if you use the filter of folks interested in plein air painting. If you live around Carmel it would have been nice to have met you as my wife and I drove down to the opening. If you were just traveling through I hope you are enjoying your trip.

Keep painting, and do post again to your blog soon...