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Dec 16, 2011

Claude Monet, Out Paintin' in His Garden...

Here is Claude Monet, working it...

Three things about this video:

1. I'm guessing it was shot in the teens, during the 20th century, since Monet died in 1926. And look at his white suit. Not a spot of paint on it. Massive palette. Big brushes. Thick paint. Not a spot on him. And he's painting outside under the full sun in a white suit. Can this guy even see his canvas?

2. Look at the the wind in this clip. I don't know how he's anchored his huge canvas but it seems rock solid, as do the umbrellas that are shading his set-up. I want that set-up myself.

3. Check out his cheroot. How long has that ash tip been hanging? Sadly, Monet died of lung cancer. (And Steve, you might want to cut back on the cigs while you paint, eh? That turp and the damar you love are combustable...)


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