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Sep 26, 2012

En Granada, Dia Tres...

Got up to paint the Alhambra in the morning. Hard to do around here as you don't want to hit the sheets until 2:00 in the morning. Spain, how do you get anything done? Debt crisis? What debt crisis?
Anyway, I rolled out of bed sin cafe and set up in the Sacromonte, the Gypsy quarter where people still inhabit caves carved into the hillside. To get a good angle on the fortress. Stunning morning light. For about 15 minutes. Then the rain moved in. (sigh.)
It's plein air so you go with what you got, and I went. So here it is:

I might make it a two-fer and line up for the same time tomorrow. Depends. Saw a bunch of ropa viejo hanging out on a line on my way over to the Sacromante this morning and I may stop to paint that instead. If the wash is still out. In the rain.
Spent the rest of the day hanging out in the city. Also walked up to the Alhambra, on the opposite side of the canyon, to see if we could get in a day earlier than our tickets are for, but it was a no go. We got three different stories about that depending upon where you were in the city -- whether we could get in today or had to wait until tomorrow. We found out we had to wait until tomorrow. It's Spain. It took walking up a massive hill to get a definitive answer and even then we got two more stories. Afterwards we walked back home, down the canyon and back up the other side and I started working on a book. Yes, a book. I am planning to publish a how-to soon.
Dinner was a simple paella I cooked for the family.

Impromptu and somewhat handicapped by the lack of a proper pan and a few ingredients.( Like a lid!) But, it is a poor craftsman who blames his tools, and it is a fine one who can improvise under pressure. As you can see, there were no complaints here.

Later tonight (and I do mean late so as to avoid mobs of tourists bussed in from the hotels...) we will be back off to Sacromonte – those caves above the Darro where the gypsies live. To catch some Flamenco.
In a cave. I can't wait. I bet I can't take pictures so here, look at this...

"El Jaleo', Sargent.
I stopped by last night to check out the show. The cave will be awesome...
- Posted from the road on my iPad

1 reader comments:

Celeste Bergin said...

getting caught up here...what a trip! I'm very impressed with how "go with the flow" you are. Good! I'm enjoying the travelog. What a beautiful place!