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Sep 23, 2012

In Madrid: Day Two...

An morning onlooker...

So far, the folks in Madrid have been polite and respectful. I was painting in a crowded neighboring square this morning with lots of people milling about. People roll out of bed around 10:00 am around here. People stopped to check me out, but let me work without questions or interruption. Not like my part of the world. (Andrew Wyeth was known to paint out in a field while sitting inside a cardboard box.) Nice!

This morning's painting -- again, a crappy shot. I think I am rushing the paintings. I will slow down starting tomorrow morning.

Afterwards I went to the Thyssen, and then the Prado, with my wife and friends. They knew I'd take a long time to look at the art so they gave me a head start. They still had to wait for me. Sorry about that.

Me and Mr. Velasquez...

OMG! Las Meninas is flawless. 10 x 9 feet of awesome. And that's not a big painting for the Prado.

On the way back it rained cats and dogs. So we had a quick stop for a Irish coffee to wait it out. The view from our balcony after we got in.

Going out for more tapas and Tempranillo next. The coffee in Madrid is excellent but you can't get it until about 9:00 am or so. Who needs sleep anyway?

Tomorrow, Toledo and then Granada.


Posted on the road...

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David Burbach Photography said...
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David Burbach Photography said...

Hi Thomas
What an experience. Looks like you are relishing every minute. Thanks for the images.