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Oct 5, 2012

Heading for Home...

Or back to that place wherever you lay your head.

Wheels up at 6:00 am. Which means taxi at 3:00 am. Another grand adventure...

- Posted from the road from my iPad

3 reader comments:

Alicia said...

Hi Thomas. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I really like the paintings of el puente nuevo and los molinos. What wonderful colors- magistral!!

Have a safe trip home.


Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Thanks Alicia.

My wife and I arrived home a few hours ago and we are now sitting on the back deck enjoying some of the finest weather we've seen in Oregon for a while. All the Iberian and Moroccan travel was great but a day like this at home in October makes one wonder why leave at all. (Kidding)

I want to publically express my appreciation to you and Ignacio for all your help and advice on places to visit in Spain. We even made Toledo for a day!

I've been asked to teach a workshop this year for the Carmel Art Institute and if I do (which I will) I'll let you know when I am coming down. I hope you are painting, in spite of the new grandchild.

mucho gracias,


Gatepost productions said...

Stumbled on your blog, Thomas, whilst visiting Celeste Bergin's.

Been browsing your paintings and loving 'em!

Looks like you had an interesting and productive trip.

I've become a follower, hope you don't mind.

John S