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Mar 8, 2013

20th Carmel Art Festival...

I will be off to the 20th Carmel Arts Festival again this May. I'm happy to be doing it again this year because it is such a stunning part of the world to paint, and this time, in addition to the usual suspects, there will be some new painters I have not met. Roos Schuring and Marc Dalessio, for example.

The Pacific Northwest will be well represented by Anton Pavlenko, Aimee Erickson, Greta Lindwood (who won People's Choice last year with the lovely pastel you see below), and myself.

This plein air event is unlike any other I do. The landscape itself is intense and exotic, and there is very little time to paint, making the competition a pressure-cooker. If you start off badly, or the weather goes south, it can be hard to recover.

But no matter what, Carmel and its environs are an awe-inspiring area to paint so be sure to track Anton, Aimee, Greta, and me on our blogs and Facebook to see how we do.

The Pacific Northwest rocks!...

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