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Mar 19, 2015

Painting in the Desert with Friends...

As many of you may know, I spent last week down in the low desert area of Southern California. I flew down to open a show in Palm Springs and paint the native California Palms found in the canyons of the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation. (I'll post those paintings soon.) I then spent a few days painting with a couple of friends in the Borrego Springs area, further south: Joe Forkan and Eric Merrell.

Here is a short video of Eric and Joe working on a morning painting:

If you can't see this view click here...

I did not get a shot of their finished paintings but if you want to see examples of their work you can visit their websites here:

Both are experienced, dedicated landscape painters who spend a lot of time outdoors painting directly from life. What a pleasure it was to spend some time with them...

I will also post about the the shading system Eric made for himself that you see in this video. It is very clever. I am rarely a fan of painting umbrellas but Eric's set up created a much cooler space to work under. It was already pushing 90 degrees F at 9:30 am and under his umbrella it felt much cooler. Plus, those black panels reduced the amount of light bouncing into his eyes and on to the canvas. A good thing.

I must make something similar myself before I return to the desert!



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2 reader comments:

Sergio Lopez said...

Oh yea I'm a big fan of Eric's umbrella setup. I am really looking forward to reading that post about it!

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Me too! I took photos... ;-)