Jul 6, 2015

LSD and the Doors of Perception...(w/ apologies to Huxley and Leary)

Okay, maybe I am not actually advocating anyone should do this, but man, it is cool none-the-less. (Oh, er, and there was that one time as an undergrad when I went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. Let's just say the airlock scene was particularly memorable...ha!)

There are a few moments when the drawings start looking like 1920's Kandinsky abstractions. Too bad this wasn't shot in color.

"Whoooooooo-aaah, colors, man!..."



2 reader comments:

Tim Young said...

I would like to see this with paints. :)

Unknown said...

There was that article that went around a few years ago, of the guy who did a self portrait after taking a different drug. I'm sure it will pop up if you google it.