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May 30, 2016

From Field to Studio with Marc Dalessio...

Here is a recent short time-lapse video of Marc Dalessio producing a large scale painting in the studio from a smaller field study...

This video presents some of Marc's process and underscores the need to make modifications that improve a composition. What? Why? Because sometimes Nature needs a little help.

From Marc:  
"Gammell (who taught Charles Cecil) would always say "err on the side of beauty". That's what I always think of when I make changes to nature."

(Posted with Marc's permission.)

Below is Marc painting his original outdoor study two years ago on Cape Good Hope, South Africa. He also sketched and photographed the site so he had multiple references at his disposal for his large painting.

Marc has an informative blog filled with helpful tips and a lot of his work and he is very generous with his knowledge.

You can check out his blog here: www.marcdalessio.com

And finally, here is a permalink to the original post, where Marc offers additional information about his painting: www.marcdalessio.com/time-lapse-studio-landscape



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