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Aug 1, 2016

Facebook LIVE: Streaming an Impromptu Painting Session...

Hey there folks!

Last Friday I tried out a new feature called Facebook LIVE. It is a way to stream video directly from your smartphone to your FB page and I thought I'd give it a go. Since some of you may not visit my FB page regularly I thought I'd post the videos here as well. (The videos can be found below.)

The first video runs about 90 minutes, and is essentially a 'Talk 'n' Paint' demo. The second video is an impromptu Q & A session I decided to add on to share more information about what I was doing. This gave my viewers an opportunity to ask follow up questions.

This was an unscripted, raw, unedited, and undirected effort on my part. I really decided to do it at the last minute, ignorant of what all would be required. Basically, the narrative is little more than a stream of random thoughts which partially 'splain some of my quirky methods as I paint. I hope you find it of interest, and perhaps helpful, or at least mildly entertaining. The best part of any (free) online video is you only have to watch it until you become bored... (ha!)

Buddha in the Bushes
16 x 12 inches, oil on linen, 2017
en plein air
(price available on request)

And yes, I will be doing this again, perhaps soon. I was both surprised and gratified by how many of you folks actively tuned in and participated in the comments section. By the time we reached the end of the video I think there were close 1K viewers watching. Talk about Watch on Demand. Hmmm, maybe this Facebook LIVE thing will go somewhere after all, yes? (ha!)

I will announce any future LIVE streams a few days in advanced on my Facebook page so make a point of checking it out every now and then. I will also see if I can upscale the production values too...

Until then,


(In case the videos below don't work, here are the links to them on Facebook.)



2 reader comments:

Judy P. said...

It's good you posted this on your blog, I subscribe to your Facebook site, but posts get buried sometimes, I didn't see it there. This is great!
If I saw this in real life, I would have asked this question:

Love the nice red background you have upper right, it looks like it wasn't really observed in the scene, that you pushed the color to a red? It's a nice relief to the greens.Was this a quick decision, from years of experience?
My mindset is to compare my usual messy methods while you were painting, I try to use no medium,only paint. But I can see I start with too thick layers, then it's hard to control. Also your value, and temperature changes seem subtle, I guess I have to train my eye better.
Do please do this again, it was invaluable, thanks!

Nancy L. Vance said...

Thanks Thomas, for putting these on your blog for those of us who couldn't watch live. I feel I learned a lot about brushwork, which is very hard to learn unless you can watch someone working AND explaining at the same time. Also, watching the very abstract shapes appear, and you explaining to paint the shapes, values, and temperatures of the "things" helped me. Instead of trying to render them photorealistically. I have heard these points made over and over, but it is hard to put into practice when you are just trying to get some paint on the surface. The application of the paint - how to lay it down and manipulate it - are the hardest part for me. I think your videos will help me. Thanks.