Oct 19, 2016

Rubberband Man...

Okay, this is so d*mn cool! 

Why have all the architects been hiding this trick from us painters?... (ha!)

I will have to try this during the winter when I am out painting a cityscape.



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jimserrettstudio said...

I worked in a sign shop in the early eighties, and saw this done by a journeyman sign writer, he laid out three dimension letters with drop shadows in perspective with just string, a couple of nails and a piece of charcoal on an eight by ten-foot panel. Then he preceded to paint it in 1 shot lettering enamels with the drop shadows and blended letters. I love seeing skills like that.

Thomas Jefferson Kitts said...

Thanks Jim. I am never surprised by the cleverness of those who have come before us. Hand lettered sign painting is a lost art and thinking about it reminds me of an old Marshal McLuhan quote: "Every new technology turns its predecessor into an art form." Meaning, computerized die-cut vinyl letters have replaced what was once considered only a craft - hand lettering – and turned it into an art form.

For example, to use something close to sign lettering:
hand written script using a good quill -> hand written script using metak nib -> letter press hand set hot type –> photo compositor type -> digital photo setting (Linotype) -> pixel based screen fonts.

This truism can be applied to so many things. Especially in our now digital world...