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May 1, 2017

Charles Movalli (American 1945 - 2016) – One of the Last Old School Cape Ann Painters...

A winter scene in Essex (Cape Ann)
Charles Movalli: one of our great outdoor painters from the early to mid-century, mid-Atlantic tribe, who lived and worked along the coast above Boston, MA. (Winslow Homer, Childe Hassam, Edward Hopper, John Sloan, Emile Gruppe being but a few other tribal regulars that go back nearly 200 years.)  Movalli, who managed to navigate the vicissitudes of 20th century American Modernism without stumbling off his chosen path, was the last of this tribe. Sadly, Charles passed away recently, leaving thousands of paintings and many inspired students behind. He will be missed.

Watch this video of Charles discuss how to use light and shadow patterns to define a painting composition. Go ahead and watch it several times because there is a lot of information to take in at a high rate. In fact, I am told Movalli would paint with the same intensity and energy we see him using here as he 'splains his ideas to the students behind the camera...

Pay attention! Even though he is gone you (and I) can learn a lot from this guy. 

Here is his website:



1 reader comments:

Tracie said...

I love this guy!
"It's the simplest of ideas but almost impossible to master!" In a nutshell why painting is so appealing. Like golf. The carrot of perfection is so far beyond us and yet glimpsed just often enough to thrill us and carry us onward.