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Nov 16, 2017

Artistic Arsenals...

This is a long lecture, but still an interesting take on the methods, materials, and tools used painters throughout the ages, largely centering on the Old Masters. 

I've always been interested in the way painters can do so much with so little. So if you have 90 minutes or so to watch this video you will likely learn and few things about your chosen craft.

I, for one, wasn't aware that until the mid-19th century, European painters (and thus American painters by default, as well) only had about twenty five colors at their service, with only eight of them being mineral in content. This means the bulk of the colors they had available to work with were somewhat fugative. 

Compared to all the colorants we have today, it is remarkable what could be accomplished.

Think about that the next time you visit your local art store, or order paint online!


2 reader comments:

Nelia said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this. A good listed while working in the studio today.

Tim Young said...

Thanks Thomas, interesting bits of history.