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Dec 10, 2019

"There, I fixed it..."

Yes, unless you've been living under a rock, or fail to have WiFi in your studio, or hate TV and social media, or your fellow man – the art world has been going bananas over a couple of bananas – at Art Basel Miami...




But there, I fixed it...

(with apologies to Peter Paul Rubens...)

1 reader comments:

Judy P. said...

You did fix it! Less outrageous, but still plenty annoying, was when we recently visited National Gallery of Art, West, in DC. There was a feast of Sargent, Homer, Bierstadt etc. So much beauty and inspiration! Then we went to the East building, and hiked the long, pretentious gaps between 'installations'. All that sunny, prime real estate for these Barnett Newmans, in an airy floor all their own. We also passed an adult 'class' of about 30, painstakingly copying a work composed of 6 single-colored circles, all in a simple circle, white field. They looked so studious- I just don't get it.